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Spirit Guide Work

Spirit guides are our connection to Universal wisdom. They are spiritual entities who provide guidance, insight and perspective on our individual journeys.


Guides will come to us in any form. In nature, as an animal, angels, saints, colors or feelings. They can be loved ones who have passed or even still living and their energy is present even if their physical body is not. Or they can be personal forces that are solely unique to you.


Our goal in these sessions is to connect with our Spirit guides. To learn how to communicate with them and interpret their forms of communication. To apply their wisdom within our daily lives and to trust that their guidance is for our highest good.

Sessions are 60 minutes and can be a combination of discussion-based consultation and meditative work. Connecting with guides is a life long process, and as your ability to connect with them grows, so will the manner in which we work together.

Connecting with Spirit Guides a deeply intimate process and one that I can say personally has greatly impacted my life. I highly recommend exploring this area of your life.


Price: $95/session

Note - I charge on a sliding scale and will happily work with you to reach a price that is affordable. I do not want cost to be the reason you decide not take this transformative step. If you have concerns, please reach out and we will discuss.

Benefits of Spirit Guide Work:

Meet and communicate with your spirit guides

Understand how Universal energies connect with us

Develop a new perspective on situations

Deepen your spirituality and divine connection

Hone your intuition and strengthen your trust within it

Reiki Healings
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