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Enhance your daily life through spiritual counseling. Tap into the wholistic energy of Reiki to promote physical, emotional and spiritual healing. Learn how to heal negative thought patterns and embrace universal wisdoms.

Shamanic journeying involves traveling to lower world to connect and retrieve pieces of your soul. Sessions tend to be quite emotionally intense and require a pre-journey consultation call to better understand individual requirements

Learn to connect with your Spirit Guides. Explore techniques that deepen your sense of communication and understanding which leads towards a life-long relationship with these spiritual entities.

In the corporate office, we often find ourselves leaving our spirituality at the door. My workshops are designed to integrate spirituality and your corporate persona, strengthening workplace relationships and improving performance. Embrace growth, find fulfillment at work!

Unlock your inner strength, purpose, and personal empowerment. Tailored for men and those embracing the masculine essence, this transformative experience fosters self-discovery, body-mind connection, and a deeper understanding of both personal power and the feminine.

Experience a trip like no other. These camping retreats are designed to provide powerful change and transformation in our lives. Location and length can vary based on your schedule and needs.

Bryan L


Chris is such a caring and gentle person. I walked away from our session with with a greater sense of appreciation and connection to not only myself, but also to the world around me. If you seek inner healing, a new positive perspective, or a calm, wise life, then I highly recommend booking a session.

New Course!

Chakra Kickstarter Course:
A 7-Week Self-Guided Adventure to Energize Your Inner Being and Ignite Your Life Journey 

Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey within? This course offers you a unique opportunity to kickstart your spiritual awakening, one chakra at a time.

Each day, expect to receive emails packed with purposeful actions, enlightening readings, empowering affirmations, invigorating exercises, and insightful homework assignments, all meticulously tailored to focus on a specific chakra. Every week introduces a new energy center, guiding you through a holistic journey from physical grounding to full consciousness.

Through this course, you'll discover a newfound sense of groundedness within your body, enhanced emotional resilience, heightened self-confidence, improved relationships, improved communication skills, boosted intuitive abilities, and a deeper spiritual comprehension.

Click below to learn more and enroll.

My Mission
My Purpose

The Mission of Creative Journey Healing is to assist individuals through their process of physical, emotional and spiritual enlightenment so that they may experience an elevated sense of mindfulness and soulful fulfillment.

My divine purpose in life is to the explore the light of Spirituality and Consciousness, expand my own human potential and empower others to discover their own power.

Is this for me?

Healing is not just about returning to a state of comfort. In fact, there is no "returning" to anything. In the world of spirituality and self-healing, the word "healing" is synonymous with "change" and "growth".

There is no going back, only moving forward.


Perhaps there were times in your life where you can look back and think of yourself as being more confident, more successful or more "happy" than where you currently find yourself. That's okay. We accept this as a sign that we are working through something, and wherever we are, whatever challenges we are currently faced with, are a part of our process to become the next, more evolved version of ourselves. ​

The work we do together is aimed at helping create the next evolution of YOU. It's about changing your consciousness to become more aware, more present and more in tune with the world around you. There are various modalities of work we can utilize to get you there, but the end goal is always similar. A healed, evolved and uplifted YOU.

I have worked with clients to help them get new jobs, navigate relationships, increase self-confidence, find peace through challenging life events, and create a sense of direction in life. ​No matter who you are, where you are in life, or what challenges you currently face, there is a place for spiritual expansion in your process. I would love to assist with that and help guide you on your own creative life journey.


Meet Heme

Chris Hemmerich (Heme) is a Shamanic Reiki Master who specializes in assisting individuals to enhance mindfulness, elevate vibrational levels, and connect with Spirit Guides to manifest their goals. Through one-on-one Reiki sessions, guided meditations, group classes and even backcountry camping retreats, he works to enhance spirituality and spread the universal healing power of Reiki to help individuals unlock their full human potential and promote peaceful living.


Heme currently resides in Hoboken, NJ with his girlfriend, their cat, Tex, and blue heeler dog, Journey. His hobbies include hiking, reading, running, making music, cooking and spending time with his family.

Heme at Creative Journey
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