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The Abundance of the Universe is Infinite

Updated: Nov 18, 2022

Consider this.

Our actions are guided by our thoughts. And our thoughts are influenced by our perspective or our perception of the world unfolding around us. This is where we will begin our conscious journey. Our perspective of our own lives and everything we perceive to be in them, or void of, will greatly influence how we interact within the Universe and how the Universe interacts with us.

Pretend for a moment you are walking down a city road, early on a winter morning. You are alone as the sun is just about to rise. No one else is up yet. As you walk, you pass litter on the ground. Gum, cigarettes, trash, an empty coffee mug. Who left these here? Why do people do that? You see snow pushed along the sidewalk, turned brown from the traffic the day before. Frail, leafless trees line the road, leaving you with a feeling of sadness, of depression, of negativity, of death. A bleak start to your day.

Now, let’s walk down that same road again. Except this time, we will be blind. No visual site. How does this change our experience? Instead of seeing the trash, the empty trees and dirty snow, we’re forced to bring our awareness to our other senses. Now we are more aware of the light breeze that glides against our face. We can hear the winter birds chirping in the trees. We feel the cold air fill our lungs. We sense the beauty of a calm silent city morning, a rarity.

The point of this story is not to ignore the problems of the world. We cannot simply close our eyes to that which we don’t want to see. But we can choose what we invite into our lives. Even with our eyes open, we can choose to focus our attention on those objects that bring us peace. It is more than just positive thinking. It is the honing of our skill to actively acknowledge and interact with those instances occurring on higher vibration levels which we wish to exist with.

That which we take in has the profound impact of directing our thoughts and emotions. This will in turn affect our actions. We turn right instead of left. We eat out instead of dine in. These tiny decisions compound upon each other and will determine critical aspects of our lives. Who we meet, the opportunities that we find, how we live. When we invite positivity in, we experience positivity and then we reciprocate and exude positivity. This dynamic cycle continues and spreads.

Once we are mindful to the loving, creative nature of the Universe, we can begin to work and to play with it.

In the West, we grow up in a very individualistic society. Self-ownership and responsibility are taught from a young age leading to a strong sense of ego. To work with the Universe, we must release this ego and surrender ourselves to its power. It is helpful to think of ourselves as Light. This removes the “me” of ourselves. We become faceless, bodiless, raceless, ageless. We are able to connect only with the vibrational energy of our being, instead of the story we tell ourselves of who “we” are. By doing so, we elevate ourselves onto a higher energy plane.

As we remove this ego, and become light, we can become filled with feelings of gratitude and love. Tapping into these powers is necessary for work with the Universe. For it is Love that has created us. For us to create within the Universe, we must use Love as the driver for our intentions.

As we work with the Universe to create and manifest, we must also incorporate sincere gratitude for that which we work towards. As time is physical parameter, not a spiritual one, we can recognize that what we work towards is already created. Therefore, we need to experience deep gratitude for its creation before we can manifest it into the physical realm.

And finally, we must allow ourselves to step out of the way and let the Universe do its thing. We must release our internal locus of control. We must release the logical brain that seeks to understand how our creation will come to be. In this moment, we are beyond logic. We do not need to know how, for our power, and that of the universe, is beyond our cognitive comprehension. We must trust, with a deep sense of knowing, that our spiritual selves working in unison with the Universe will bring forth that which is for our highest good. We just let it be.

The abundance of the Universe is infinite. Now we go forth and explore.

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