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Chakra 7-Week Kickstart Course

Welcome to the Chakra Kickstarter Course, a 7-week self-guided adventure designed to jumpstart your spiritual awakening at your own pace.

What to Expect:

Every day, you'll receive carefully curated emails bursting with inspiration and guidance. These daily messages are packed with actions, readings, affirmations, physical exercises, and engaging homework assignments, all thoughtfully tailored to align with and strengthen a specific chakra.

Unlock Your Full Potential:

Over the course of seven weeks, you'll delve into the vibrant world of chakras, each week dedicated to a different energy center within you. As you progress, you'll not only gain a deeper understanding of your chakras but also learn to harness their power to ignite your life journey.

Why This Course:

My Chakra Kickstarter Course empowers you to take charge of your spiritual growth on your own terms. Whether you're a beginner on this path or looking to rekindle your inner fire, this self-guided adventure offers the flexibility you need to awaken your potential.

Note - as this is a self-lead course, it does not include one-on-one counseling. For some, this is ideal. For others, they will get the most out of this course by scheduled periodic counseling sessions to check-in on their progress. I encourage you to do whatever feels right to you.


Price: $350

Note - I charge on a sliding scale and will happily work with you to reach a price that is affordable. Payments can be made up front or in weekly installments of $50. If you have concerns, please reach out and we will discuss.

Benefits of the Chakra Kickstarter Course

Sense of groundedness within your body

Enhanced emotional resilience

Heightened self-confidence

Improved relationships

Strengthened communication skills

Boosted intuitive abilities

Deeper spiritual comprehension.

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