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Heme is a Shamanic Reiki Master who specializes in assisting individuals to enhance mindfulness, elevate vibrational levels, and connect with Spirit Guides to manifest their goals. Through one-on-one Reiki sessions, guided meditations, group classes and even backcountry camping retreats, he works to spread the universal healing power of Reiki to help individuals unlock their full human potential and promote peaceful living.

Heme's unique perspective and approach to holistic healing have resonated with a diverse range of clients, drawing interest from individuals who may have previously overlooked or not considered exploring holistic healing practices.


Heme has been working with the universal energy of Reiki for over 20 years. He took his first Reiki class as a middle school student when his mother opened a Reiki practice. Since then, Reiki and its energy were common in the household and in his life. With the stillness of Covid, Heme realized that he wanted more than a corporate profession. Already a Reiki Master, he decided to develop his spirituality at a deeper level and learn how to facilitate Reiki with others. He began his formal training again and expanded his abilities with classes in advanced Reiki and other energy modalities. A firm believer in lifelong growth, Heme continues his training and is currently active in a high-level energy work class where he continues to focus on his personal, emotional, and spiritual development.   


Heme holds a Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Engineering from the Pennsylvania State University and works as a Senior Global Product Manager supporting the Human Nutrition and Health industry. He currently resides in Hoboken, NJ with his girlfriend, their cat, Tex, and blue heeler dog, Journey. His hobbies include hiking, reading, running, making music, cooking and spending time with his family.

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