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Corporate Workshops

Unlock the potential within your corporate team with my transformative Corporate Workshop! Gain clarity on your company's or division's roadmap and direction to lay the ground work for future success. This engaging session focuses on enhancing creative thinking, strengthening team bonds and feeling more inspired about our careers. By fostering stronger connections among team members, they'll experience improved collaboration and work efforts. Through guided meditation, Shamanic journeying, and other various uses of Reiki principles, these retreats uniquely enhance the creative process. 

This is perfect for the HR director looking for fresh ways to bring employees together. For the Business Leader hoping to improve team results and collaboration. For the CEO looking for creative direction, individual purpose and alignment with his or her executive team.

My corporate career, spanning from 16,000+ employee companies to a small, private-equity owned business, has provided me with ample experience in witnessing how we can let our Spirituality dwindle in a corporate environment. Often feeling we need to mask it or disconnect with it within the office, picking it back up once we leave. It turns an exciting career of fulfillment, into a "soul-sucking" 9-to-5.


I have since found that by incorporating my Spirituality within my corporate persona, I've been able to excel within an office environment. I am more creative, more motivated and begin work each day with a clear sense of purpose. My Spirituality is not separate from my work, it enhances it. It drives me to thrive.

Retreats typically range from 2 hours to a full day. As each company is different, there is no one cookie-cutter itinerary and I develop a unique retreat for each client group. You can expect a mix of guided meditations, discussion, journaling and team exercises.

Please inquire via email so we can discuss more about your situation, intended outcomes and pricing.

Benefits of Corporate Workshops:

Enhanced creativity
Newfound excitement and purpose in one's role

Team-building and bonding

Improved communication amongst team members

Increased confidence levels

Forward looking clarity and perspective

Sunrise over the Wheat Field
Reiki Healings
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