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Backcountry Camping Trips

Get ready for an experience of a lifetime!

Nature is so critical to our experience as human beings. It guides us. It roots us. We are a part of nature and need it to grow. Often times we can get caught up daily lives that we become disconnected from nature (sometimes without even knowing it). Taking a few days to dive back in and reconnect can provide with you a refreshed, renewed perspective.


Creative Journey Backpacking Trips occur throughout the United States. They range in length and difficulty depending on the needs and abilities of each individual group. Together, as a group, we will live in Nature. We will work to make the journey from start to finish. We will cook our own food, collect our own water, and carry everything we need on our backs. It's a challenging experience, but a rewarding one. And everyone who has ventured with us has left with an invigorated energy and a new sense of self. It truly is a life changing experience.

Trips are scheduled periodically throughout the year. I encourage you to reach out today so we can begin planning our next trip.



From Solitude to Stars:  Reiki, Shamanism, and the Path to Inner Radiance

Bonfire Retreat on the Beach

Assateague National Park

October 8th, 2023

Price: $150


Reserve your spot now!


Reestablished priorities in your life

Become action-oriented

Connect with Spirit Guides

Manifest your desires

Benefits of Backcountry Camping:

Increased self confidence

Sense of self-efficacy

Reestablished priorities in your life

New wilderness skills!

New friendships and deep bonds with amazing people

Immense joy that carries with you for months to come

Reiki Healings
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