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Men's Work

The conventional notion of masculinity has undergone a significant transformation, and many are left feeling adrift. This shift can lead to a sense of disconnection, isolation, depression, and a loss of self-esteem among men.


My work centers on offering a fresh perspective on masculinity, one that celebrates our inner selves by embracing our emotions. It's an approach that cultivates strength and confidence through empowering self-discovery, leading to a more expansive and fulfilling life for both ourselves and those around us.

If you find yourself feeling stuck in various aspects of life – be it relationships, career, finances, or friendships – embracing and empowering your spiritual masculinity can be a catalyst for positive change.

Please note that these sessions are not exclusive to men; I also work with female clients to explore their inner masculine qualities.

Our sessions typically last 60 minutes and involve a combination of thoughtful discussions and meditative practices. Post-session 'homework' assignments are provided to apply the principles discussed. For new clients, I recommend signing up for four sessions as an initial step toward personal growth and transformation.

Price: $95/session
Note - I charge on a sliding scale and will happily work with you to reach a price that is affordable. I do not want cost to be the reason you decide not take this transformative step. If you have concerns, please reach out and we will discuss.

Benefits of Men's Work:

Increased self-confidence

True empowerment

Improved relationships

Address sexual issues

Sense of peace, reduced anxiety and grounding

Reiki Healings
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