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Shamanic Journeying

Shamanic journeying is an ancient and proven method for achieving transformation. It is an intense technique used to access the unseen inner world. Journeying to these worlds allow us to connect with our deep unconscious; parts of ourselves that we have long forgotten, or maybe never realized existed. This is extremely beneficial in our healing process and can allow us to grow into a being we may have never thought possible. These sessions are suggested for individuals interested in new perspectives and deep, impactful change.

Sessions are 90 minutes. They begin will a discussion to understand current life circumstances and challenges. We then begin our meditation with a connection to our Spirit Guide(s) and begin our journey using drumming. Following the meditation, we discuss your experience and I offer interpreted suggestions.

Price: $125/session

Note - I charge on a sliding scale and will happily work with you to reach a price that is affordable. I do not want cost to be the reason you decide not take this transformative step. If you have concerns, please reach out and we will discuss.

Benefits of Shamanic Journeying:

Changed consciousness
Deep transformation

Enhanced feelings of peace

New perspective and outlook on current situations

Recharged creativity and inspiration

Feelings of forgives towards oneself

Image by Carlos Martinez
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