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Creating a Heavenly Existence

The following is an adaptation of a presentation Heme gave during his Master Within training in March of 2022.

“The tree of life is located in the in the midst of the paradise of God, the very depth of our own soul, and the rich abundant fruit that grows and ripens to the fullest perfection, the most perfect and life-giving, is Love.” - Life and teaching of the masters of the Far East: Volume 1

A concept I’ve been playing around with recently is the thought,

“What if this life we are currently living on earth is actually Heaven?”

or to put it another way,

“How would my actions/perception change if I knew I was living in Heaven?”

I’ll preface this by stating that I realize the concept of and belief in Heaven widely various amongst cultures, ages, religions, and all individuals. Many question its existence. Personally, I believe true Heaven is more of a spiritual state. However, for the purpose of discussion, I want to look at Heaven in a simplistic view, a child’s view, of just the ultimate place of fun and happiness. One giant playground.

And with that thought I want to pose the question,

“From a consciousness perspective, what does living in Heaven mean?”

If you were told, “Hello, welcome to Heaven”, what would you do?

Maybe you would say, “Oh I would be sitting on an island beach with my toes in the water as the sun sets, sipping a frosty beverage, that’s my Heaven.” But, assuming we’re still conscious and thoughts are in our mind, wouldn’t we get bored of that quickly (relative to infinity)? We would need something else…right? Otherwise, we wouldn’t be here right now [in class]. We wouldn’t be working on the things we are working on. Instead, we would be doing everything in our power to get to that beach. Money, time, commitments, all these “necessities” would be dropped if we thought they were holding us back from getting to our Heaven.

As humans, there’s intangibles that we crave too. The feeling of being loved and loving others. Facing new challenges and overcoming them. Making new friends and connections. Learning new skills and unlocking that “ah-ha” moment. All these, and many more, fill our existence and leave us with memories that help us define our life.

So I come back to the question, "What would I do if I died and went to Heaven?"

This is an actual thought I had the other day. It came to me during my routine stop to the dog park. It’s lunch time, and getting Journey [my dog] out for a break can be just another task on my list of things to do today. I think to myself, "Ok, my morning calls are wrapped up, let me grab the leash and run to the dog park to give Journey some exercise before my afternoon work schedule picks up." Very routine. It almost seems like a chore since I have to do it within a certain time period.

But as I’m sitting in the park, and I realize, if I was in Heaven, where there are no limitations and I have all the time in the world to do anything and everything I could ever want, I would choose to be at this dog park, in the sun, watching Journey run around with his friends. Immediately, I transformed this regular task, completed on autopilot, into this feeling of pure joy and love and empowerment. There was nothing else I would rather be doing at that time than what I was doing.

That shift in mindset really opened up a philosophy or perspective for me. If I was living my life, and knew that my existence here, as Heme, was Heaven, how would that change how I lived? How would that change how I interpreted my daily experience?

A cold wind changed from a nuisance or discomfort, to a gladly accepted gift. It’s cool that I can feel this. Imagine a world with no wind. In a few months I will be hot and the air will be stagnant. Thank goodness for this wind creating contradiction and interest to this living experience.

This newfound perspective has lead me to a new way of working with my [spirit] guides.

At the Mighty Magnificent You retreat, one of the [spirit] guides I spoke on was Maha Lakshmi, the Indian goddess of wealth and abundance. She is represented with many arms, all working and creating at once. Building something from nothing. Kind of like the tree of life.

So last year I did my creation meditation, put out my intentions, and left it in her hands. Now did that really happen? Did she do all of the work? Of course not, but that was the mindset I took.

So I was reflecting on this process and I was going through the list of things I am working on creating this year, including;

o A new day job

o Developing a retreat schedule

o Launching my own Reiki practice

o Improving personal relationships & friendships

o Hobbies I want to build on

While thinking about this, I imagined Maha Lakshmi’s arms coming out of my back to begin creating these things simultaneously. And I realized, it’s not Maha Lakshmi doing the creating. I am. This is me. I create this. I can do all this at once. Time is not influence or restriction. We as humans have the ability to create abundance from nothing and we can create in parallel. Living in this heavenly experience, we can create anything we want, at any time.

And now the question becomes, what do you want to create. With zero restrictions on time, energy, capabilities, what do you want to create? What is your Heaven?

Now go build it.

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